Villa d'Arnaud 795 Chemin du Nid du Duc, La Garde-Freinet, France

Driving on the toll route A8 towards Nice, take the exit ‘Le Luc and St. Tropez’. Turn on the motorway towards Toulon and immediately take exit 13 towards La Garde Freinet and St. Tropez. Follow D558, through La Garde Freinet towards Grimaud. After the village take the second right exit, direction Val d'Aubert [photo 1].

Follow the road up to a junction with green signs. One of the signs says ‘Ancienne Route de La Garde Freinet’. Take this lower road to the left. After about a 200 meters turn right on a dirt road. This is the ‘Chemin du Nid du Duc’, running along a vineyard [photo 2]

At the junction after 250 meters stay on the main road to the left and go downhill [photo 3]. After the 2 concrete S- curves, after about 800 meters to the left you'll find the entrance to the grounds of VILLA D'ARNAUD. It’s number 795. Downhill there is ample parking.

Extra: Route navigations will not always recognize the Chemin du Nid du Duc 795, but ‘Chemin du Val d’Aubert’ or 'Lieu Nid du Duc' are usually recognized.

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60 Km