An inspiring adventure

Building a house in the south of France, that seemed like a good idea to us. Unhindered by the fact that such a project can have quite some feet in the earth, we started our search. Not only to a suitable place, but also to a way to do the things that give us energy, such as having more time to paint. The latter was very important to Ewoud as an artist.

We were very lucky, because in 2011 we found our place in La Garde Freinet, near St. Tropez. When we went there to see it for the first time, we felt the enormous peace that it exhales and we were immediately sold. In this area with a breathtaking view, we were able to build a large house with, in addition to our own house, three apartments that we rent since 2014 for holidays.

Our lives have always revolved around houses and buildings. Since 2005 we have an office for interior design and construction, and project management. We did not worry too much about the construction of the house and the decoration. Of course we can tell a lot of stories about working with French contractors, but we learned how to handle them well. In addition to a great deal of insight into local culture, it also provided us with all sorts of knowledge about legislation and regulations regarding building in this region.

The renting of apartments was new to us. We had a picture, because of the "I leave" stories and experiences of friends with their own B&B. We could never have dreamed that it would be so nice. This season we started serving breakfast. Partly because of the passion that Morgaine puts into the preparation and presentation, this is a very popular addition. It is very satisfying to see how easily people relax here. We enjoy all inspiring encounters with beautiful people from all corners of the globe.

One thing leads to another. With some regularity guests stay with us who are looking for a home in our neighborhood, or who are building a house themselves. We like to help with that. Ewoud is, recently, a real estate agent in this region and together we are constantly looking for the most beautiful houses for people in our growing international network.

It is nice to experience that everything falls into place and how light it can feel to work hard, if you are living in the middle of nature where there is space and peace. We are grateful for all the help of family and friends, so that we could come to this point and it is a privilege to share this adventure with others. Read more 

This article is published in the magazine "Life in France", November 2017 issue.


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EVASIONS à la Carte

One of our guests appears to be a good blogger, with an inspiring website. On May 13, 2018 she posted this nice blog about Villa d'Arnaud after spending a few days with us. We have read Stephanie's blog with pleasure and a blush on the cheeks.